Welcome to The Lily Pad! We are thrilled you stopped by.  We love helping you find the perfect clothes and accessories for the younger crowd in your life.  Jana and Addie are the co-owners of The Lily Pad, which is truly a family business.  Our employees are all family or close enough to be considered family and one thing we all have in common is a love for helping others.

We firmly believe in creating memories and enjoying life.  Every item we carry is an opportunity to help you make a memory.  From the perfect smocked outfits for your baby's panel portraits to bright and sassy outfits for your tween, we know how finding a great outfit to match your child's personality makes you feel.

We've recently begun expanding our product lines to provide you with beautiful accessories for yourself and your home.  And if you are looking for a perfect gift, look no further.  We've got you covered!

Some come  in, look around.  We'd love to help you create a memory!